Timisoara or “Little Vienna” is the capital of the western region of Romania, a very important cultural, university, commercial, academic and other centre for Romania. It is a multicultural city influenced by ethnic communities with a diverse cultural heritage, a city with friendly people and a fascinating combination of modernist, baroque and Byzantine architecture that give a special charm to the city by their elegance.

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Events in Timisoara

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Separated from the love

04.12.2023: 19:00

Stand-up Comedy with Toma, Cristi & Sorin Pârcălab Late Show

05.12.2023: 21:00

Kleiner Prinz - Show für große Menschen

07.12.2023: 19:00

Timisoara: Christmas carol concert with Paula Seling - "Magic" at 20:00

14.12.2023: 20:00

REDRUM • 4 x 4 - Tribut Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden & Nirvana • M2

16.12.2023: 19:00

Timisoara: Christmas carol concert with Narcisa Suciu - "My Christmas" 7:00 p.m.

17.12.2023: 19:00

More than 30 different cultures live here, which has led to the development and enrichment of the region both culturally and economically. 2023 is also the year in which Timisoara is European Capital of Culture, a title it won in 2016.

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